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Welcome to the Bombshell Craft Brewery website. Please take a look around to see what we're all about.

New Traditions – Great Taste

We try our best to meld old traditions together with new technology to provide a one of a kind taste.

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Quality, all day long. If we wouldn't drink it neither will you.

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We use old school technology and methods, trying to always keep true the origins of brewing.

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Secrets? We have none. Research, hard work and quality ingredients go into our beer.

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Crafted specially for beer lovers

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Humble Beginnings

It all began with wine making. It was the foundation of my knowledge from sanitation, fermentation to bottling and everything in between.

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Constantly Improving

Most of our recipes stay the same and we're always looking for ways to improve. This is why we brew in only limited batches to make sure you're only drinking the absolute finest beer we can possibly make.

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Ready to branch out

With wine you're pretty much limited to the type of kit you buy. With beer you can change the flavor and really make it your own by switching out grain, hops and yeast among other things. This was my next evolution.

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The Rest is History

We invite you along as we continue our journey and welcome you're feedback. Feel  free to send comments or questions to

Our Beers

We're currently brewing a Blonde Ale and American Amber

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